CryptoFun | AMA Recap

09 Mar 2020 14:32
CryptoFun | AMA Recap

Hello, We held an AMA with Student Coin on Sept 2, 2020. For those of you who were late to join or watch, you can read the following recap of the AMA.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Twitter questions
  3. Live questions



Before we start our first segment, introduce yourself to the community

Piotr ;

Hi everybody ! I'm Peter from Student Coin, love to do AMAs here😊 I'm the COO of the project, I was pushed into the project from the start so I'm continuing to develop it. We have started the idea of ​​STC as a group of blockchain enthusiasts from Kozminski University, before that we did several lectures on this technology. This project spread very well in Poland and after that we decided to do it all over the world.

Q1 ;

Can you introduce Studentcoin to our community in layman terms?

A ; Piotr :

The universities were always a place of innovations, new technology research and the source of great ideas….

Student Coin [STC] is the first token in the world connecting universities, entrepreneurs and student organizations. We are currently available for re currently available for students at over 500 universities with student organizations as major Partners. The project is run by students, entrepreneurs, research clubs from 16 universities and is supervised by the academic faculty. Over 6000 have already collected their coins! Right now we are undertaking a presale to develop STC exchange and STC terminal

Q2 ;

What are the advantages of Studentcoin over other alternatives in the Blockchain field?

A ; Piotr :

For the fact that we have found a niche on the crypto market, we created Student Coin. There is no a single project which aims to educate a new generation of students about the blockchain. We also believe that the blockchain technology will be a necessity of functioning in modern world and as a result everyone will need to get the basis of this technology!

Q3 ;

What are the major milestones Studentcoin achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

A ; Piotr:

As I Mention we have started the project in Poland and it has developed incredibly well. Recently, we have contacted a lot of people from the best universities around the worlds. We are constantly spreading our idea around the world… For the other essential aspects you can visit our website:


Q1. From Twitter: @AAA4466L

Trust is very important in business. So, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with Studentcoin? And how can you get the trust of many users who have negative thoughts about Blockchain?

A ;

Our project is being continuously developed by people from the best universities all around the world. Moreover, to proof our identity we are providing all of our social media which can be find on our website. Additionally, we are greatly supported by our respectful advisory board which includes the most experienced blockchain experts. One of our goals it to change the negative thoughts of blockchain and have a significant impact on the new generation of blockchain users!

Q2. From Twitter: @HunterCrypto5

Is Stundent Coin only intended for universities that have areas related to Blockchain in their careers? Is it possible to see the integration of students of all careers?

A ;

For the blockchain technology features can be highly useful on every are of life, we strongly believe that every university should take advantage of it. For certain, it is easier to implement our ideas into universities which are already familiar with blockchain, but we expect to be available on every university soon or later.

Q3. From Twitter: @Umar_Awaken

What is your long-term vision for the industry where the Studentcoins project works? The crypto industry is always evolving, what plans do you have to keep up with technology trends?

A ;

We have extremely ambitious plans for further development after the pre-sale. Nevertheless, our main priority is marketing. We would like to spread our idea all around the world. After gaining a lots of users we will focus on development of STC Exchange where students have a possibility to provide different educational materials and lectures. The next step is STC Terminal which will be used for tokenization of universities. We would also develop our app to directly present our utility cases.

Q4. From Twitter: @Siwek31033720

What is so unique about Student Coin that you can not find any other companies or platforms, and how will your demand for $STC increase in the future? or what steps would you take to improve this?

A ;

As I mention before there is no other project like STC on whole crypto market. Our educational panels mission is to create a possibility of becoming a professional blockchain user in simple steps. Our idea have been collected by 6000 already, but there are millions of students all around the world. We are just at the beginning of the journey so there is an extreme potential for further development. I have mentioned all the steps above, if you have any further questions feel free to join our telegram or ask me directly

Q5. From Twitter: @VN69676675

The NEW Education Platform technologies system and being a pioneer model will face many difficulties in the early stages. What difficulties did you encounter and how did it work?

A ;

Our first issue was connected with spreading idea out of Poland. Currently, we have our ambassadors at the best universities all around the world and conducting an AMA with community thousands kilometres away. That is incredible... Students are great target group because they are extremely willing to innovation. Moreover, they are all over the world and thats our biggest key to success.


Q1 ;

I usually consider 3 things on blockchains: flexibility, cost and security. How can you guarantee me that these 3 things are available on Student Coin?

A ;

We are preparing an STC Terminal for every student in the world - flexibility. Our voting panel is for sure the cheapest decision making method so far at every uni - COST. Every university will be able to decide about use of their tokens which all will be transparently storage on blockchain - SECURITY

Q2 ;

Where do you see your project in one years time, and where in 5 years time?

A ;

As i have said there is no other initiative on whole crypto market. Things are going incredibly well so far so I will not be surprised if STC appears in TOP100 in a year. It is hard to say, what is going to happen in 5 years, however we will do our best to develop the project and finish at TOP 😏

Q3 ;

As we know, every successful project has a few stories behind the scenes, whats the story behind $STC success? Are there any special upcoming from $STC updates that you want to show/share with us? @Pitek231

A ;

All I am able to say is that we have prepared a lot of amazing relationships all around the world. The pre-sale is going well, so we will have great funds for further development of our idea. The BEST is yet to come..

Q4 ;

Most of the priorities of the cryptocurrency community aresymbolic pricing. When prices go up, society rejoices and grows. When they fell, many people started throwing them in a negative way. How will you solve the negative problem when the price drops? What are your plans to strengthen and develop the community so that more people see the product than the price? Thanks you

A ;

Thats a great question. We hope that our educational panel, STC Exchange and STC Terminal will be one of the most innovative services on the crypto market so far. Additionally, we have a lot of time to implement them all, before the next crypto bubble explode. After that we will be used by almost every uni the world so we will not be afraid of any price drop

Q5 ;

How important is the community to the STC? and how can we collaborate or help STC for the development of the project?

A ;

Community is the fundamental value of STC. We are open for any kind of suggestions, cooperation or business proposals. Also, if you representing a student organization or club at this university feel free to contact us. We are looking for interesting partnerships to work with all around the world!

More about Student Coin :

Official Website





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