CryptoFun X Darwinia AMA Recap

31 Jan 2021 03:36
CryptoFun X Darwinia AMA Recap

Hello, We had an AMA with Darwinia on January 30, 2021. For those of you who are late to follow or watch, you can read the following AMA recap.

Guest Bree Yin
Moderator Ahmad Rifai
Online participant 3107
Live Question 413


  1. Introduction
  2. Twitter Questions
  3. Live Questions



Hello Miss. @Bree_Darwinia How are you today? are you ready for AMA today?

Bree Yin:



Please introduce yourself briefly to our community

Bree Yin:

Hi guys!This is Bree and I‘m the CMO of Darwinia.
Thank you for having me.


Cool ! looks like Darwinia Network have a great team ! I hope this project can develop even better


Q1. Would you like to give us a simple introduction of Darwinia Network?

Bree Yin:

Darwinia has been building a permissionless non-custodial bridge protocol, featuring efficiency, low cost, decentralization of cross-chain tokens and NFTs transfer, as well as other cross-chain operations.
Darwinia bridge solution integrates technologies, including super-light client, zero-knowledge, and optimistic verification mechanisms.
Darwinia bridge distinguishes it from other bridges in terms of quality and how decentralized the bridge is, which could carry high-value cross-chain asset transmission.
Darwinia was also included in the Cointelegraph research report as a critical cross-chain infrastructure.


Q2. We all know, there are many projects building on the Ethereum cross-chain bridge. so, what makes Darwinia Network stand out as the "Golden Gate Bridge" in the cross-chain ecosystem?

Bree Yin:

I would say, Darwinia connects Polkadot and other public chains. As the “Golden Gate Bridge’’ for the cross-chain networks, Darwinia provides the safest heterogeneous cross-chain solution without middlemen, making the cross-chain asset transfer safer, cheaper and more frictionless.
Darwinia also bridges other polkadot ecosystem parachains cross-chain interoperability to achieve more broad asset circulation.
Darwinia-Ethereum bidirectional bridge has just opened!
There are many bridges out there. But mostly are custodial bridges relying on middlemen. But Darwinia bridge has solved cross-chain challenges,removing the trust needed and middlemen multi-sig.
Less Trust, More Truth. Our tech innovation upgraded the classic chain relay solution. Classic chain relay requires relaying each and every block, which is not economically feasible.
Darwinia ChainRelay is a super light client, it integrates cryptography technology MMR to make sure each confirmed block header aware of the history chain state. It also implements an internal optimistic verification game process to identify the longest chain.
It supports relay on demand which is triggered by a cross-chain transfer requester.
It’s economically feasible and completely trustless. With such an efficient chain relay, we are able to build two-way decentralized bridges across completed blockchains.
Except all these above, another exciting advantage of Darwinia bridge chain is supporting the cross-chain transfer of NFTs as well.
Darwinia was also written in the Polkadot light paper.
Darwinia also won Parity Badge for our outstanding tech innovations. Thanks over~


Q3. Let's discussion economic model about RING. What is RING use case in the Darwinia Network ecosystem?

Bree Yin:

Users, relayers, nominators, validators, council members and applications will need the RING for
(i) the operation of the network,
(ii) lock-up in exchange for commitment token KTON,
(iii) staking to obtain influence power and participate in the governance of the network,
(iv) paying for cross-chain transfer service fees

And actors can use KTON for
(i) being identified to have long-term interest aligned with the project,
(ii) staking to obtain influence power and participate in the governance of the network,
(iii) registering and activating tokens at the ChainRelay by (the token project owner) so that users can transfer these tokens.

Evolution Land is
(i) accepting RING for users to auction in-game props (NFT) such as lands, apostles, etc
(ii) accepting KTON for users to auction high-rank in-game props (NFT),
(iii) paying KTON holders with dividends from game revenues,
(iv) allowing KTON holders to participate in governance, such as voting for continent tax rate etc.

Evolution land is our cross-chain game. Users need to pay RING to interact with other dApps deployed on Darwinia Network. We encourage dApps to recognize KTON holder demographics and give them proper privileges.


Got it, many benefits and advantages RING in the Darwinia Network ecosystem
Q4. Could you please explain a little about the Darwinia ecosystem cross-chain game "Evolution Land". What makes Evolution Land special?

Bree Yin:

Evolution Land is a virtual simulation blockchain game that supports cross-chain transactions. The game has a total of 26 continents, each of which is deployed on a different public chain.
The governance parameters, such as trade tax rate, will be set by users themselves. Users can buy and sell the land, and have apostles to mine various elements, do constructions and manufacture props, etc.
Different continents will evolve into different countries, and there will be trades and wars between the countries through our cross-chain technology.
Evolution Land integrates a variety of gameplays, including management, collectibles, education, gene, battle, auction and game, which will be constantly evolving.
Evolution Land has deployed its first land of Atlantis on Ethereum and the second land of Byzantine on Tron, with functions including trading of lands and apostles, working, mining and breeding launched.
Evolution Land also worked with Chainlink to provide new breeding system.
The latest gameplay is the Defi+NFT mining system.
Where to mine? Users own NFT land in the game.
Gamefi mining experience. What to mine? 5 Resources can be mined from the land.
These resources are actually ERC20 tokens,which can be traded on Uniswap.

How to mine?
1.Game character:Apostles can be put on the land to doing the mining job
2. Users can also create your own NFT mining tool.
Mining efficiency is up to you~


Q5. Can you tell about Darwinia Network roadmap for the present and the future? What does the Darwinia Network aim to achieve by 2021?

Bree Yin:

1. Working on more consensus model,trying to connect more heterogeneous blockchains. like say Binance smart chain,Heco chain
2. Go for the Kusama and Polkadot parachain auction.
Ready for the Rococo V1 parachain rest.
3. Evolution Land and Gamefi
Our first edition PolkaPet, Darwinia, is now live and for sale here: SOLD OUT SOON!



Q1. From : @badluck_sobad

Recently Darwinia Network launched PolkaPets "NFT Collectible Card". What are the benefits of Darwinia NFT for holders? What is Darwinia NFT value and utility?

Bree Yin:

As a Darwinia PolkaPet holder, you will be recognized as a VIP user in the Darwinia Network ecosystem. You will be able to bring it to the Evolution Land, our flagship cross-chain game to boost your mining productivity.
As we all know, the cryptoverse moves incredibly quickly and is backed by huge demand. We understand not everyone will have the opportunity to whitelist or form part of our public sales prior to DEX listing.

We also believe in the value and fun the NFT space has to offer which is why utility does not just stop at token airdrops!
Our NFTs secure you the following value and utility: Guaranteed allocation of tokens at listing price
We all know the dangers of slippage and failed transactions!
Utility within Bondly’s core product, BSwap: Reduced Fees

Bondly ecosystem utility: Access to VIP benefits and behind the scenes sneak peeks of upcoming milestones
Governance and Voting rights:
Utility within Darwinia’s flagship cross-chain game, Evolution Land
Treated as an Apostle’s pet and boost mining productivity and efficiency
Treated as a Warrior’s pet and boost fighting power in the coming war gameplay

Darwinia ecosystem utility:
Recognized as VIP user status
Enjoy benefits provided by ecosystem applications


Q2. From : @himo_umaru

What are Darwinia Network businesses, markets & target audience? Are you attracting investors in developing countries such as Africa, the Middle East or Latin America? Do you see crypto market which also booming now, how will Darwinia deal with it?

Bree Yin:

1. Darwinia focuses on Bridging heterogeneous blockchain networks.
So our market and audiences go for walled blockchain networks that need to be wired together. Especially Defi and NFT projects
Need more general mul-ti chain asset circulation.
2. Gamefi for users who would like to play to earn.
Definitely would like to attract investors in developing countries such as Africa, the Middle East or Latin America. If you have certain connections,please contact me and apply to become Darwinia Ambassadors to get RING rewards.
Thanks over.


Q3. From : @nainainainai

How compatible is the DVM "Darwinia Virtual Machine" smart contract network to the "Ethereum Virtual Machine" EVM? How safe is Smartcontact DVM protecting users, avoiding hacks or bugs?

Bree Yin:

To achieve a seamless Ethereum experience on Polkadot and Substrate, Darwinia delivered a smart contract solution based on Frontier; we name it Darwinia Virtual Machine(DVM). DVM is fully compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) in Darwinia Network, supporting Metamask.

Darwinia has launched a testnet Pangolin for dapp developers who want to test and play with DVM.
Users and developers can:
Use Metamask to connect with Pangolin.
Use Solidity to develop applications or games with the DVM.
Use the Ethereum contract development tool, e.g., Remix.
Migrate existing dapp applications or games to the DVM.

DVM features:
Recognizable EVM account to substrate account conversion
Transfer balance between EVM account and substrate account without loss of accuracy
Fully compatible with EVM
Paralink has deployed its oracle module on DVM.


Q4. From : @shilvin_ford

The Darwinia network has a Staking feature. Can you describe the process for joining the Staking Darwinia Network? What is the ROI for Staking? is there a maximum and minimum limit in staking?

Bree Yin:

How to Cross-chain Transfer ?
Open,and click “Ethereum”
check out detail here
Staking KTON offers more rewards than staking RING.


Q5. From : @gojo_sa_to_ru

With so many old project survive we can easily to make benefit. But not all improve their secure system. How about Darwinia Network ? Is there will be update secure on some time in near future ? Or you trust your secure system now ?
Bree Yin:
Darwinia completely remove middlemen needed in the cross-chain transfer process. It’s completely decentralized and secure.

Security Mechanism
At the beginning of the Darwinia-Ethereum bidirectional bridge, we applied several security modules:
Daily Cross-Chain Transfer Limit
A daily transfer limit is set. Once the limit is reached.
the bridge will suspend service. The used quota will be reset, and the service will re-activate after 24 hours.

Guardian Module
A guardian system is introduced in the bi-directional bridge. It is a multi-signature system composed of the technical committee members of the Darwinia network. Their sole responsibility is to monitor the bridge miners’ block data (relayers) and watch the optimistic verification game process.

Check our tweet


Bean Q10:

During the development of your DarwiniaNetwork project, did you take into account community responses and requests? Where can you get those comments, and what telegram channels do you get the most from?

Bree Yin:

Join our community to apply for Darwinia ambassadors to earn more RINGs.

Defi To The Moon:

what is RING ? Where does " RING " name comes from ? What it's stand for?

Bree Yin:

RING is Darwinia Native Token. You can trade RING on Uniswap and Huobi, MXC and many other exchanges.


Ambassador plays a major role in creating awareness about a project. Does DARWINIA have ambassador program ? If yes how can I participate in that?

Bree Yin:

Sure! Just join our community and apply for it.

Bach Tuyet :

Could you give me 3 key points to convince me and other angel investors invest in RING in long-term?

Bree Yin:

Check out what influencers say about Darwinia!
Polkadot Gem:RING!

Do you Love ME><:

As we know, every successful project has a few stories behind the scenes, what’s the story behind RING success? What was that vision when it first emerged as an idea? Are there any special prototypes or upcoming RING updates that you want to show/share with us?

Bree Yin:

Darwinia paid attention to Polkadot quite early.
2018 Polkadot China tour was held by Darwinia.
Gavin Wood came to China.
Also our game implemented Uniswap when Defi was almost unknown in 2019.
So Darwinia community users all got many UNI airdrop.
Check out UNI now and think about the vision of Darwinia.

More Detail About Darwinia Network:

Telegram Group
Telegram Channel

Zaenal Arifin
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