CryptoFun Akan mengadakan AMA Bersama OKEx

25 Aug 2020 17:59
CryptoFun Akan mengadakan AMA Bersama OKEx

💬 AMAseries Announcement 📢

CryptoFun will hold an AMA with OKEx on August 27th, 12.00 PM UTC | 19.00 WIB in the CryptoFun Group

Research the project and prepare good questions! 📖

🎁 Total Reward: $ 25 for 5 people with best questions

➡️Segment 1: Opening and Introduction of Moderators and Sharing of AMA materials

➡️Segment 2: The moderator opens a Q&A session.

➡️Segment 3: Closing, Red Packet Winners Announcement and Campaign Promos

Rules :

🔹register on OKEx Exchange

🔹Join OKEx Telegram Group

🔹Join CryptoFun Telegram Group & Channel

🔹Follow CryptoFun Twitter

🔹Follow OKEx Twitter

📌 CryptoFun has become an OKEx Community Global partner, hereby we will hold a very special campaign for you The campaign will be announced at the end of the AMA later

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