CryptoFun X BitGuild AMA Recap

21 Nov 2020 03:19
CryptoFun X BitGuild AMA Recap

Hello, We had an AMA with binance on November 20, 2020. For those of you who are late to follow or watch, you can read the following AMA recap.

Guest Yorina (Community Manager)
Moderator Yuki
Online participant 2311
Live Question 4420


  1. Introduction
  2. Twitter Questions
  3. Live Questions



Welcome to the CryptoFun Community, thank you for taking the time from your busy life to attend the AMA today!
We are glad to meet here @Yorina2020 😊
We really appreciate your coming to AMA today, to tell our community about BitGuild

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

Thanks Yuki, We're glad to be part of this. And to introduce our products to some new cryptofans!


So, before we start AMA, can you please introduce yourself to the our community? @Yorina2020 😊

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

Of course, I'm Yorina Wouters. I started around 1.5 years ago by BitGuild as the Social Media & Community Manager.


Thank you for the introduction, we are happy to know and motivate us to be successful as you 👏👏
Allright, in the first session we will give a little question about BitGuild

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

There is a place for everyone in crypto ;)


So, are you ready? @Yorina2020

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

Always! :)


allright. Let's start the first segment

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:



Q1. Can you explain, how did you get idea to build BitGuild?

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

We had been working in the gaming industry for quite some time when blockchain tech became the next big thing. We decided to combine our experience in developing games and apps with it, and our vision was initially to be a developer and publisher of blockchain games on the Ethereum network. The hardships and infancy of the tech drove us to switch to the TRON network after 2 years, in 2018, and to create solutions that first address the barriers for end-users in the crypto space.


It's really interesting to know all this👏👏

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

It has indeed been quite some journey ;)


Q2. What sets BitGuild apart from other platform that makes it stand ahead? what is unique about BitGuild?

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

We are uniquely positioned to introduce new people to blockchain and crypto with easy-to-use solutions, rather than assume users should know what they’re doing. We are all about creating solutions to the problems that people have with crypto: hard to understand, highly technical language, etc. We work to make things as user-friendly as possible, so even non-crypto people can start with out products!


Q3. Can you tell us, what is BitGuild vision and mission?

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

BitGuild’s mission is to empower blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption through the design and development of user-friendly, consumer-facing products where customers are in complete control over their personal and financial data. BitGuild’s vision is to enable 10 million people without blockchain knowledge to ‘acquire their first token’ and for every individual who holds a digital token to be a user of BitGuild products.


Perfect, we can't wait to watch BitGuild grow very popular👏👏
Q4. Can you describe the product from BitGuild?

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

As said before, BitGuild develops decentralized applications with the goal of making cryptocurrency use as simple as possible, all while retaining the core elements of blockchain functionality. To accomplish this we developed a few products, which I will short describe.


GuildChat is the all-in-one crypto stop, for new- and experienced cryptocurrency fans. It’s an app available on mobile for IOS & Android, and since a few week it’s also available for your desktop.
GuildChat allows you to talk to your (crypto) friends, read the latest crypto news, check the market, play dApps and manage your assets with the wallet functions. It allows users to manage, transfer, and gift cryptocurrency tokens to each other, either directly or through group chats using our Coin Pouch and Coin Drop features. And more!

Everything is wrapped in a user-friendly social framework, allowing for custom contact lists as well as image, video, and voice messaging.
Our mobile and desktop version were updated today, so of course I would invite you all to go check it out on our website GuildChat (.io) and let us know what you think of this product!

Next product we have is TronTrade
TronTrade is a decentralized exchange on the TRON network where users can buy and sell TRC tokens directly from their wallets, without needing to sign up first. With its 24/7 support team, accessibility for newcomers, and advanced features for longtime traders, TronTrade aims not just to be the safest and most reliable DEX — but to act as a bridge between blockchain projects built on the TRON Network and the crypto community as a whole.

It's quite popular among Tron traders!
And then we also have GuildWallet:
A browser extension with which users can manage and use cryptocurrency tokens across multiple different blockchains, allowing users to consolidate their portfolio without sacrificing on security features. Similar to products as Metamask & Tronlink.

And last BitGuild also has it’s own token, which I describe later. And BitGuild is also one of the 27 Super Representative candidates chosen by the TRON community. We share 100% of the TRX rewards daily with our voters.
So as you can see, we worked pretty hard on developing the products to make crypto simple and accesible for everyone.


Q5. Finally, can you explain the BitGuild roadmap now? Are all targets according to the current road map? and what are the next steps to be taken in the future?

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

This week we released a new version of GuildChat Mobile, with a new interface and a few new functions. And also the desktop version was updated with more chat functions. Our next step is to integrate new chains and new platforms to our existing products. We have recently added BnB and BitCoin chains to GuildChat, as well as a Desktop version of the app. Next, we will be integrating more blockchain features that aim to turn GuildChat into a go-to crypto app for every user, new or veteran alike.


Allright, the first segment is over, thanks for explaining about BitGuild, I think the community can't wait for more information about it in the second segment second
And In this second segment we will send you some pre-selected questions from Twitter

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

Thanks for being interested!



Q1. From Twitter: @fak_s_shochan several days ago $TRX their price is down, is this make a problem to BitGuild because some function at BitGuild is to stake $TRX and freeze it too ? can you explain how much effect $TRX on BitGuild ?

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

When we made the switch to TRON, we obviously saw a surge on TRON users in our platform, and we created solutions having this community in mind, however the price fluctuations on $TRX are not an issue for us, given a few reasons.

1) this is a common trend in crypto. We are used to seeing prices, especially $TRX, go up and down, and with that, users gaining and losing interest in crypto. This is normal. TRX is a well established project/coin and it's not going anywhere, so in the long-term, we are confident with its performance and upcoming updates

2) The features on GuildChat for TRON users, like staking, are primarily designed to help them manage their resources, and not something we designed to profit from. We share 100% of the TRX rewards with our voters.


Cool, Staking will a lot of people interested to GuildChat

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

True staking is quite popular on TRON, generating a small passive income.
And only by downloading GuildChat you can already start collecting tokens directly and stake your TRX.


Thank you for your answers this is great news for our community members 👍

Q2. From Twitter: @Halady251

What strategies does BitGuild have to attract non-crypto users? If they are not familiar with crypto payment, is there any solution offered by Bit Guild ?

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

That’s what BitGuild is all about - making crypto easier to understand for new users and veterans alike. We have developed the easiest way to send and receive crypto through the GuildChat wallet, the easiest way to play dapp games, manage tokens, and even the cool feature everyone is aware of, Coin Drops. Even if you never used crypto before, when you land on GuildChat or Trontrade, or even GuildWallet, everything is laid out in a very user-friendly and simple way.


Q3. From Twitter: @AlansGarvin

How easily can crypto beginners understand BitGuild? How safe and friendly is the BitGuild Ecosystem for beginners? And how does BitGuild support the community, especially Southeast Asia?

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

This is a bit of a follow-up on the last question. So let me dive a little bit deeper in our products.

First of all, BitGuild developed three decentralized applications, all with the goal to make crypto simple and accessible for everyone. The three products are the most requested and used dApps for every crypto user.

For example, what does a crypto-beginner want to do? Setup a safe and secure wallet, read the crypto news, talk to crypto-communities to learn more, and check out the market. This is all possible in one app, GuildChat. The user won’t need to download more then one app, to experience it all. The user also probably wants to buy tokens, this can be done on TronTrade. Trading on TronTrade is very simple, since you can trade directly from your wallet, without the need to sign up. Next to this, we also have a 24/7 support team available to help directly with questions.

While developing GuildChat, we also looked at the current problems with blockchain. Users normally need to create multiple wallets for different blockchains. And the process of creating a wallet and securing a wallet can be pretty overwhelming to new users. That’s why in GuildChat we tried to make this simple, by adding two wallets.

When a user registers on GuildChat, a wallet will automatically be created for him. This wallet is centralized, which saves the user the troubles of creating and securing a wallet. A user can therefore directly start collecting tokens on GuildChat, by clicking on the several Coin Drops. Users can also import or create decentralized wallets, and withdraw the tokens to the decentralized wallets directly from the Coin Pouch.

We also noticed, that the best way to attract new people to crypto is to get them started easily, but also a way to collect tokens. Once a user has a few tokens, he is more likely to stay interested in crypto. Which is why Coin Drops in GuildChat are very popular

BitGuild’s products are worldwide available and translated in different languages, so user can easily understand all the functions in our products. There is no specific focus on the Southeast Asia community. But we have users from all over the world!
16% is from Southeast Asia, to be correct. :)


Q4. From Twitter: @asunaimposible

now about trontrade. can you explain what diffrent trontrade beside other market ? and how much token listed on it ?

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

Right now 37 tokens are trading on TronTrade and the next listing isn’t far away. Our team is constantly reviewing listing requests and screening the market for interesting projects, ensuring to be always in the front line.
I think TronTrade is the most reliable DEX on TRON with its unique 24/7 support. I haven’t seen any DEX yet answering community questions and solving tickets within a few hours each day. We have put the user experience and their trust on the forefront of our priorities. Besides this we have our own node running and don’t rely on the tron main net node. Therefore we can keep a 99,9% uptime for our trading engine. When other exchanges stop working due to main net node issues, TronTrade keeps running. And what also is unique, is that we host many trading events and AMA's with new projects. So there is always enough to do on TronTrade.


Q5. From Twitter: @thihuyen93

Value of PLAT generated by? What is the PLAT for? What role does PLAT play in the Bit Guild network?

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

PLAT is the lifeblood of the BitGuild ecosystem. Though it was initially designed to be the sole currency usable on the entire BitGuild platform, we course-corrected once we realized this became a roadblock to our goal of reaching as wide an audience as possible. Now, PLAT works as a measure of the success of BitGuild, and a portion of the revenue of all BitGuild products is used to buy back and burn PLAT monthly, shortening supply and increasing value. . This way, the PLAT holders will profit longterm on the success of BitGuild's products such as GuildChat and Trontrade.

Very good questions from the community, thanks for sending them in all! :)
I hope we answered most of your questions, and otherwise always feel free to talk to us on Telegram or GuildChat.


Hmmm, it looks like I'm interested in becoming one of the PLAT holders😅

Yorina | BitGuild | TronTrade:

And of course, make sure you don't forget to download GuildChat on your mobile in the Play Store or Apple Store. :)
Sounds good, of course PLAT is available on TronTrade & GuildChat :)
Now i'm curious how good everyone listened to me with the quiz :)
I answered some questions for sure already HINT!


Thank you for sharing great things about BitGuild👏👏


1. What is the name of BitGuild’s token?

rizal: PLAT

2. Who is the CEO of BitGuild?

Tsabit Albana JTS : Jared Psigoda

3. Which 3 products did BitGuild develop?

Afi: TronTrade, GuildChat & GuildWallet

4. What is the name of the main developer from BitGuild, who also created GoSeedit?

RGBC | Sonic | Hunter | Crypto: Rovak or Roy van Kaathoven

5. Name 3 tokens that are listed on TronTrade right now?

Atikur Rahman: Plat trx usdt

6. In which year did BitGuild launch?

fy': 2018

7. How many PLAT tokens have been burned by BitGuild in total?

ahmad Prasetyo: 851 million

8. Name 3 blockchains that GuildChat supports?

Paijo Kumez: Tron , Ethereum , bnb , btc & bch

9. For which devices is GuildChat available?

Zaskia | Marketing of RGBC |: Mobile (Android & Apple) Desktop: Windows, Linux & Mac

10. How much is the fee on

Eldho Jose: 0.2%


BitGuild website

BitGuild’s official telegram group

Medium Blog BitGuild

BitGuild Twitter

BitGuild Facebook

BitGuild Reddit

BitGuild Youtube

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